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Philip J. Simpson - Partner

Joined Flex Partners in 1998


38 years engineering experience in:

·         Cardiovascular Surgery               

·         Gastroenterology                

·         General Surgery                 

·         Diagnostic Equipment

·         Orthopedics


·         Dialysis

·         Biocompatible Materials

·         Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

·         Therapeutic Devices



·         Implants                           

·         Surgical Tools and Devices   

·         Blood Processing Equipment 

·         Endoscopes                                

·         Reflux Devices                   

·         Tympanic Thermometry

·         End Effectors


·         Vital Signs Monitoring

·         Trans-Cutaneous Access Devices

·         IV Infusion Pumps

·         Heart Valves

·         Stents

·         Articulating Mechanisms

·         Insulin Pumps


·         System Architecture

·         Concept Development

·         R & D

·         Engineering Management

·         Computer Aided Design & Analysis

·         Mechanisms

·         Material Selection & Part Design

·         Cost Reduction

·         Injection Molding

·         Process Development

Patents:  15 issued, 26 pending

Education:  BS, Mechanical Engineering
                Professional Programs in Management and Engineering

Mr. Simpson has 38 years of experience in the medical device industry including administrative and senior level management experience as well as having been a co-founder or board member of several start-up ventures. He is experienced in all phases of the product development process, including conceptual design, intellectual property, and production design. He has developed and/or managed the development of mechanical, optical, electronic, and software products, and has particular expertise in rapid product development, reduced time to market, and cost reduction. He also has experience with offshore manufacturing.

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