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Flex Equity Group, LLC


Business Development
We understand that it takes a complete commercialization team to develop and bring to market ground breaking medical products. We work with physicians and other clinicians to define clinical requirements, refine concepts, develop business cases, generate prototypes and complete product development cycles.

Over the last 22 years we've developed a network of investors, corporate partners and service providers to assist in commercialization of quality concepts. Even with a top-notch idea and excellent product development the difference between success and the alternative can be as simple as access to financing, expert marketing and legal professionals.

Consider Flex as your proven partner to attain key commercialization milestones. The following are pertinent business development services that we provide.

Strategic Alliance Recruitment and Development
  • Sales and Distribution Partnerships
  • Information Systems
  • Technology Licensing Agreements

Business Strategy and Implementation
  • Market Research and Product Validation
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Business Plan Development
  • Brand and Identity Creation
  • Investor Due Diligence Support
  • Investor Recruitment & Relations, Formal Presentations
  • Public Relations and Marketing
Key Executive Recruitment and Advisory Board Development

Operations Management

Federal Regulatory Relations, Reimbursement & Clinical Trials

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