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Why Flex Partners?


Why Choose Flex as Your Engineering and Business Development Partner?

We are an Established, Cohesive and Focused Team
  • Flex maintains dedication to its core competencies.
  • Flex is a fully functioning engineering group.
    • We provide outsource services for key time-and cost-sensitive projects plus add value to both the technology and business enterprise as a whole.
    • We can serve as your Virtual Engineering Department if you do not have an in-house group or need special expertise.
    • We provide added security when you need concept validation or second opinions.
We dedicate Paramount Concentration on Client Relationships
  • Only a limited number of new projects are accepted each year. They are selected carefully by giving disciplined attention to customer needs and planned formation of long-term, personal, and valuable relationships.
Each Flex Partner, Engineer and Manager Is Proven in Rapid Product Development
  • When design and development speed is crucial.
  • When reduced time to market is essential.
  • When meeting critical milestones in business start-up situations is mandatory . . . your Flex Partners team provides extensive experience in high pressure start-up circumstances, comprehensive design expertise, high speed turnaround prototype development, and express transition to high volume production (supported by global manufacturing and supply chain alliances).
We Are Committed to Work Within, and Will Frequently Attain Optimal Results Below, Your Budget
  • Flex engineers expect to simultaneously enhance product quality and reduce development cost.
  • Flex places high emphasis and takes great pride in reducing project operating costs and capital investments.
  • Flex engineers manage projects and are accountable to strict cost containment plans.
Flex Provides In-House Business Development Expertise
  • On a selective basis, Flex Partners' affiliate, Flex Equity Group LLC, will assume an equity position with emerging technologies and businesses.
  • Flex works continuously with medical device OEM's, universities, leading edge entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, corporations and investors nationwide.
  • The Flex team is renown for its world-class knowledge and creativity in specialty area medical devices.
  • Maintaining its concentration on specific medical device design specialty areas, Flex provides
    • A comprehensive understanding of the markets being addressed.
    • Upholds long-standing clinician relationships throughout the country.
    • Maintains ongoing communications with venture capital firms and angel investor groups nationwide.
  • Our business development and supply chain partners provide complete support for strategic planning, market and competitor due diligence, business plan development, brand and identity creation, operations management, manufacturing and achievement of key commercialization milestones including sales & distribution alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and technology licensing agreements.

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