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Why Outsource with Flex?


Product Development - Why Outsource With Flex?
Flex Partners can serve as your Virtual Engineering Department or as a trusted outsource partner for vital time- and budget- sensitive projects. There several reasons to consider an outsource engineering partner. Among them are the following:
  • Quickly access specialized expertise, skill sets and market area experience.
  • Be constantly "tooled" and prepared for key product design and development initiatives that
    • Are difficult to handle, where experience is limited and additional knowledge is needed.
    • Require "second-opinion" overview.
    • Taxes a thinly spread in-house personnel capacity.
  • Utilize a dedicated virtual engineering department when you need it;
    • Save the costs of an in-house department when your engineering needs are reduced.
  • Save the costs of recruiting, managing, and retaining employees.
  • Save the costs of federal employer rules and regulations.
  • Avoid capital investments in new research design, development, and expansions.
  • Embrace a virtual engineering department without being encumbered with operations and management costs. Enjoy a responsible, accountable partner to share the risks of bringing products to market, on time and within budget.
  • Maintain state-of-the art resources and technology without bearing the burdens of ownership.
  • Retain your focus on core competencies; partner with trusted experts in non-core areas to stay on track with your plan and vision.
FLEX PARTNERS: A trustworthy member of your engineering and business development family

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